It was senior year of high school when I started disliking the person I had become. The person I was back then was a culmination of years of ignoring my insecurities and other struggles that have negatively impacted my happiness and mental health. It became my responsibility to take initiative to turn my life around while time still permitted. An so, I started over.

Cleansing my life of toxic people and social media. I spent my days quietly working on the acceptance of myself and leading a healthier lifestyle. 


After moving across the nation to New York City to start at a college where I knew no one, I spent breakfast, lunch, and dinner alone. With only my thoughts keeping me company, I gradually became better.

I dove into books, painting, and drawing to pass the time. The book that touched me the most was Fujio's Goodbye, Things. I practiced a minimal lifestyle by discarding material possessions and thoughts I didn't need. I only wore one outfit and ate the same thing every day. The absence of distractions in my life led to my appreciation for the things that truly brought me happiness. 


As my minimal life prolonged, I became detached from the rest of the world, which made it difficult for me to communicate and be social in large group settings. So, this is a space where I can connect to feel more human. Through my mind, soul, eye, stomach, and heart; I I hope my vulnerability and aesthetic inspire feelings of excitement, motivation, happiness, and calmness.