eat pink


 eat pink 


Eating disorders are a lot more complex than I had thought. Eating disorders are incurable, but how do they even start?


Research findings show that eatings disorders center around these variables:

-body image


-sexual activity

-role models and the media


Commercials with idealized thing female images increased adolescent girls' dissatisfaction with their bodies. But at the same time, eating disorders can develop from major depressive disorders. Some may eat too little, and other may eat too much. The ones who binge eat find comfort in food and when they eat, it's an escape. 


I wanted to focus on how I could assist people with binge eating disorders with dining ware.


When we eat the same amount of food on a smaller plate versus a larger plate, we feel like we've eaten more.


Looking through color psychology, pink is the only scientifucally proven color to reduce stress and curb your appetite. 


Given the criteria, I developed eat pink.









*This project is by no means proven to actually help solve eating disorders. The main purpose of this is to shed light on binge eating disorders and exercise my design problem solving skills on real issues. Hope you enjoy.


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