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I really dislike it when people don't say what they mean. Sure, sometimes, words are just words. But, when you make a promise or say something that makes me vulnerable enough to count on you in some way, that's manipulative. 


Nowadays when I'm met with toxic or fake people, I learn to play their game as an opponent, not as one of their game pieces. A lot of times, their actions or words can hurt you deeply. It's easy to fall victim. But in order to learn and overcome these adversities, you have to be smart. You can't let them crack you.





I have a very personal story I'd like to share. It'll be quite broad but I hope you're able to understand the message I'm trying to send.


High school girls are overall bitchy. I'm no angel, either. I've had my weaker moments too. I'll admit it—I've done and said things out of spite or jealousy and I'm not proud of that. But when the people who were supposed to be my friends turned their backs on me, it hit me pretty hard. For a while, I was seeing a therapist and I wasn't going to school. I started binge eating and the number on the scale started rising as my grades started falling. I became another piece in their game. They wanted me to see me fall, and I acted accordingly.


In order to be a force that can fight back, I should've kept smiling, I should've woken up and been excited to learn new things at school, I should've poured my stress and frustrations into exercise instead of food. I should've been brave enough to fight back with happiness and success.  


Don't let anything phase you and learn from your own mistakes.


I don't get jealous anymore. In fact, I rarely ever compare myself to others. I've replaced jealousy with admiration. If I want something I don't have, I put in drive and dedication to get it. I have no intention of bringing others down becuase of my insecurities.  


When I'm met with ignorance and immaturity, I don't even blink an eye. Malice and other things of unimportance can't phase me and it shouldn't phase you, either. 



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